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1,999,010 Download Yeshua Hamashiach Mp3 Download music MP3 Or MP4 Video and Audio Music YESHUA HAMASHIACH (OVERTURE) NATHANIEL BASSEY feat. OYINKAN BAZUAYE #yeshuahamashiach #namesofgod By Nathaniel Bassey Main with Big 1,999,010 views stream songs and size 10.89 MB for 07:56 -

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A spoken word version of the powerful tune YESHUA HAMASHIACH
serving as an overture on the album NAMES OF GOD. It begins with a very heavenly violin sound, followed by a solo bass guitar, then making way for the spoken word passionately delivered by the anointed OYINKAN, describing the greatness of YESHUA, and crescending with the chorus and a brilliant trumpet sound. This is heaven on earth.

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