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106,697 Download Mp3 Conventer music MP3 Or MP4 Video and Audio Music ★★★★★ Cassette to MP3 converter review: USB Portable Cassette to MP3 Tape-to-MP3 Player By Beau Reviews Awesomeness: Authentic Tests & Demos with Big 106,697 views stream songs and size 9 MB for 06:33 -

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About Mp3 Conventer

On Amazon here: ✏️ Quick thoughts to supplement my video demonstration.
- 1 to 1 conversion, very simple.
- Quality is *okay.* When compared side by side with the MP3 downloaded from iTunes, the iTunes version of course will be twice as better. But if you want to listen to your tapes in digital mode, this will converter will do it!
- For me it recorded the whole tape as one solid Mp3, so I have to fast forward the Mp3 as if I was fast forwarding the tape.
- I can also use it as a Walkman (i.e. just listen to the tape without converting it.
- Note: A flash drive is not included. You'll have to use one you already have (or buy one). I used a 8GB one, and there was more than enough space.

Note: I was given a sample of this product in exchange for a review and demonstration, which of course has no bearing on the honesty of my opinions regarding the product. Hope demonstration and test helps!

📍 Bottom line: would I recommend this product to one of my friends?
👍 Yes, absolutely, if you're willing to fast forward the Mp3 to find your song, and if you're okay with fuzzy tape-sounding quality.

Original review from Beau Chevassus, Knok Studio (Media for non-profits),
From Beau Chevassus:

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