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About Iyanii Furaha Mp3 Download

Written and performed by: Iyanii
Composed and Arranged by: Iyanii and Alexis On The Beat.
Produced and Recorded by: Alexis On The Beat
Mixed and Mastered by: Alexis On The Beat
Guitars by: Kenty
Background Vocals: Iyanii, Brenan Rashid, Leah , Vincent Onyala, Wilfred Waswa, Eugene Carlito and Kenty.

Shot and Edited by: Deska Tores
Video Concept by: Iyanii
Styling by: Iyanii

Main Characters: Iyanii and George Asin
Supporting Characters: Lucciah Njoki, Mishy, Benson Amadi, Eff Wamboi, Difela Music, Mercy Mukunda, Janet Sitati, Suzan Mbithe, Caro, Lynn, Jane Doe, Raycon , Ben Lahmam, Perpetua Omare and Jackman Cage.

Logistics and Set Management: Sam Gold Dave and Rashid Bre

Executive Producer: Utembe World

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