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The 2021 youth album can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other streaming platforms under the artist "Strive to Be."

“If You Believe”

If you believe you can move the highest mountains
Cross the greatest oceans
And walk across the water
The water

You feel defeated
Falling on your knees and
Looking up for some hope tonight
Try to stand up
But you throw your hands up
You no longer have the strength to fight
Cause you’ve seen too many sunsets
Too many days
Ending in the darkness night
But on your own you’ll
Never know you’ll
Never know


They say that all you need is faith
But it’s almost like you lost your way
Took a few wrong turns
Took a few breaks
Falling behind now
Looking for grace
Cause you need someone to lift you up
Make right all the things you done
Cause on your own you’ll
Never know you’ll
Never know


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